What a Full Service Pool Remodeling Company Can Do For You

Swimming Pool Remodeling is About Having Choices

You love having a pool, but let’s face it, over time, things need to be done to keep your pool looking its best. It is important to know what options are available to you before you hire someone to do the work; that way, you increase your chances of of hiring the best pool remodeling company available.

What Are My Choices?

A full-service pool remodeling company will be able to offer you a wide variety of choices, not just simple pool resurfacing like most companies. These services include:

  1. Pool Resurfacing Options

    A full service pool remodeling company will have a wide variety of options regarding resurfacing. Whether you choose plaster, tiles, pavers or decking, the variety will include finishes for a variety of both taste and budget.

  2. Pool Coping Options

    Pool coping options include stone, brick, pavers and concrete. Whatever you envision and whatever you have to spend, there should be a variety of suitable options.

  3. Customer Rockwork & Rockscapes

    In time, you may want to add a slide for the kids or maybe a koi pond. How easy will you be able to do that yourself when the time comes? A full service pool remodeling company will have a range of rockwork and rockscape structures available, including artificial rock painting, waterfalls, slides and grottoes.

  4. Pool Equipment

    Is your pool equipment, including pump, motor and filter up to date? Or are they costing you money because they’re old and inefficient? Keeping your pool equipment in good repair can make all the difference in how well your pool looks, operates, as well as keeping your costs down.

  5. Pool Plumbing & Electrical

    Does your pool remodeling need more plumbing? How is your current plumbing holding up? How about any electrical wiring for pool lights, filters, etc? Pool plumbing and electrical can effect the safety of yourself, friends and family. Pool remodeling experts start with the basics and go from there.

  6. Water Features

    Nothing adds value to your pool like a water feature. A full service pool remodeling company will likely include waterfall effects, scuppers & sconces, deck jets, LED light bubblers, fountains, and more.

  7. Spa Additions

    Do you have space for a spa addition? What might it look like? How much would it cost? How awesome would that be?! Your pool remodeling company will help you find one to fit your style and budget.

  8. Structural Modifications

    Structural modifications are often key to adding value to your pool. Would you like to convert to an Infinity or Endless pool? Maybe you are considering making your pool deeper or longer to accommodate a growing family. Or maybe you like a simple, attractive, baja bench. Shallowing a pool is another common choice. Find out if these options are available from your pool remodeling company.

  9. Crack Repair

    Does your current pool leak? Are you constantly filling it with water, or getting seepage in your house? Pool crack repair can make a big difference in the longevity, safety and overall cost of your pool.

A Finance Conscious Pool Remodeling Company

We all have a certain amount of money we can afford to comfortably spend. Seek out a pool remodeling company that will be able to work within your proposed budget. Discuss different combinations of updates in order to find a combination that is easy for you to work with.

Adding Real Estate Value to Your Home

A swimming pool automatically adds value to your home, but all elements are not equal. One element may add a greater value than another. Take time to learn which elements are the best, especially if you plan on putting your home on the market within the next several years. Our pool remodeling specialists can help you decide which elements will add the most value to your home, with the least amount of financial outlay.

Which Full Service Pool Remodeling Company Should You Call?

Alan Smith Pools is the best full service pool remodeling company in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. We are a full service pool remodeling company that has been specializing in commercial and residential pool resurfacing and remodeling since 1981. We would welcome the opportunity to sit with you and decide what best meets your current needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and working to provide you with a pool you will love completely. Contact us online, or call us today for more information. (714) 628-9494

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