6 Top Reasons for Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Swimming pool resurfacing is an essential step in extending the life of your pool. So, why might your pool even need to be resurfaced? Well, one of the many reasons that a pool needs to be resurfaced is due to leaks. In fact, it tends to be the most common reason pool owners finally decide to have their pool resurfaced. Whatever the case may be of why you are considering swimming pool resurfacing, here are six benefits that you’ll realize in doing so:

  1. Increase Your Pool’s Usability

Pool finishes will become pitted over time due to the excessive sunlight and chemical wear. When pitting occurs, it causes the surface of the pool to become rough. This can often lead to you not wanting to use the pool as often because it is uncomfortable.

  1. Amp Up Your Pool’s Cleanliness

If your pool has even just one leak, it can make it much harder to keep it clean and to maintain the proper balance of chemicals. By having the pool’s surface redone, any of the leaks in the surface will be detected and repaired in the process. In the end, the water will be easier to keep clean and the proper levels of chemicals will be easier to maintain since you won’t be adding new water all the time to make up for the water loss from the leak.

  1. Increase Your Pool’s Health Safety

When you’re unable to keep your swimming pool clean and properly balanced in terms of pool chemicals, it can result in a dirty and very unhealthy pool. This can lead to swimmers getting sick due to the germs and bacteria in the water because of off-balanced chemicals. By resurfacing your pool, these issues are all thrown out the window because the chemical balance will be easier to keep track of, which will ensure that germs and bacteria are killed off.

  1. Resurface Your Way to Economic Relief

By having your pool resurfaced, all leaks are fixed and you are essentially starting again with a brand new pool. This means that you will spend less time and money on maintenance, especially in the beginning. In addition, you won’t have to worry about increasingly high water bills for trying to keep your pool full of water because the water levels will hold.

  1. Maintain Your Real Estate Value

Because you are taking the steps to improve the appearance and use of your home’s swimming pool, you are essentially working to maintain – and sometimes even increase – your home’s real estate value. This is critical if you plan on selling your home in the near future.

  1. Improve Your Pool’s Visual Aesthetic

When your pool’s surface wears down over time, it isn’t nearly as attractive as it once was. This can cause you to use your pool less and less. This is particular true in terms of guests. By having the pool’s surfaced redone, you will improve its appearance. This will lead to you wanting to be in the pool more and could lead to more entertaining at your home. You know those friends that you’ve been keeping away because you didn’t want them to see how bad your pool had gotten? You can finally invite them over again.

Customer Focused Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Now that you are aware of the reasons why you should consider and the benefits of swimming pool resurfacing it is time to do something about it. Don’t let your swimming pool rot away; give us a call at Alan Smith Pools to learn more about how we can turn your pool into something that you will want to enjoy again.

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