Variable Speed Pool Pump

You might have heard your friends or neighbors bragging about their lowered electric bill or the $200 SCE rebate check they got in the mail.

While it’s true that a standard pool pump uses the 2nd most amount of electricity of all household appliances and that homes with pools use 49% more electricity than homes without pools; there is a way to lower this unwanted expense.

Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling|Variable Speed Pool Pump

Simple really, instead of the old single speed pumps that run at one speed-WAY TO HIGH AND LOUD, the new variable speed pumps run at very low speeds which translates into energy savings to you! 90% energy use savings when the pump runs at the low speed! This can add up real quick since all the water in a pool and spa needs to be circulated once per day for clean, clear water.

Typically, our customers experience a $50-$70 savings per month on their energy bills. The system will pay for itself in less than 3 years so all savings is money in your pocket after the system pays itself off. It sure beats leaving your money in a savings account!

Remember how we said the single speed pumps run WAY TO HIGH AND LOUD? This is not the case with the variable speed pumps that run much quieter and require less maintenance and replacement parts. We have a Pentair IntelliFlo Variable speed pump running all day at our showroom where you can hear…..or barely hear….. the pump in action.

Alan Smith Pools is a Pentair authorized installer, which allows you access to an extended warranty on all Pentair products including variable speed pumps. In order to get the $200 rebate from SCE, the product must be installed by a C-53 licensed installer which we happen to be!