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Pool surfaces need to be replaced and renovated, just like other parts of your home. Like anything that sees a great deal of use, swimming pool interiors wear out over time.

The good news is that your pool resurfacing options are much better than they were when your pool was originally built. Today’s pool and spa owners have many reliable and beautiful swimming pool resurfacing options available.

There are so many beautiful swimming pool finishes to choose from. From the elegant simplicity of standard white plaster finishes to the rainbow of multicolored glass finishes and a spectrum of options between, the choices are amazing. Check out a few of our beautiful finish selections, and click the button below to view even more stunning options!


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Finishes in pools and spas are constantly submerged in water, so any pool finish will be exposed to many different water chemistry conditions over time. Some pool materials are harder and better able to handle these variations. Unfortunately, no pool surface material is immune to problems and degradation if a pool or spa is improperly maintained. Consequently, the decisions you make are critical to the long-term appearance and condition of your pool. The better you take care of your pool, the longer your swimming pool finish will last!

In general, pool resurfacing tends to last anywhere from 15-20 years.

Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling|Selecting a Surface | Pool Resurfacing Options

If you want vibrant blue water, sky blue water, or more of an aqua marine color, you must select a pool finish that can generate the desired hue.

Browse through our galleries to see what color water the different finishes can generate.

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Water color changes based on the depth of the pool, angle of the sun, and the amount of chlorine and other chemicals in the water.

Pebble finishes also tend to create reflections from the surrounding materials.  A deep pool at high noon will draw much more water color than a shallow pool on a cloudy day.

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  • Shortest Lifespan: White plaster at 5-15 years
  • Longest Lifespan: Pebble finishes at 15+ years
  • Proper maintenance can lengthen life

White plaster tends to have the shortest lifespan due to the softer marble component in the mixture. White plaster can last on average 5-15 years and in many instances can go longer if water chemistry is properly maintained.

Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling|Selecting a Surface | Pool Resurfacing Options

White quartz averages more years since a harder quartz aggregate is used in combination with the marble and cement. Once again, quartz can last longer than the average if water chemistry is properly maintained.

Pebble finishes, combined with modified cement, last 15+ years. This is the most durable cement based pool finish.

Polished marble finishes are an upgrade to standard marble finishes since the reactive cream layer is polished off the pool finish. You can plan on getting 10+ years from this ultra-smooth pool finish.


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Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling|Selecting a Surface | Pool Resurfacing Options
“Thank you so much for the great job you did re-plastering my old ’70s pool! What a change from the white plaster – I just love the new Gemstone Pebble and up-to-date look. I have to let you know how great your people have been – very friendly and helpful, and I really appreciate their willingness to spend time answering my questions. I definitely recommend your company!” – S. Weber, Tustin

Alan Smith Pools offers three different sizes of pebble stones in our Gemstone line.

  • The larger stones tend to feel like a wet orange peel.  We often hear of pebble jobs that turned out rough from other contractors. This should not be the case when installed correctly. The texture is largely dependent on the skill of the applicator.
  • Our mini pebble, also known as our Sandstone line, consists of stones a little smaller than our standard stones. This creates a product with less texture.
  • Our Micro Fusion pebble is currently the smallest pebble on the market and feels closer to a smooth troweled plaster finish

Glass beads can be added to any size pebble finish and create a slicker texture. Our smooth troweled plaster and quartz products are very smooth to the touch. The smoothest finish on the market would be the Hydrazzo polished finish.


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Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling|Selecting a Surface | Pool Resurfacing Options
  • Beat the heat and keep it cool with light colors in a deep pool.
  • Or soak up the sun with a shallow, dark-bottomed pool – it’s up to you!

Much like a black car sitting in the sun on a hot day, a dark bottomed pool finish absorbs heat from the sun. We have seen dark quartz or pebble pools pick up as much as 8-10 degrees of water temperature on a hot day. A shallow pool or a spa will heat up quicker than a deeper pool.

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