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As a pool remodeler that deals with many pools built in the 1950’s, 1960’ and 1970’s, we come across hundreds of pools per year that were plumbed using copper. Copper plumbing is common and standard for residential indoor plumbing. This is not the case with modern pools that are now plumbed using PVC piping.

Older pools also tend have been built with outdated electrical conduit running from the main breaker to the pool equipment. The old galvanized conduit corrodes underground which can leave wires exposed causing dangerous stray currents to pass through the ground. It is common for our company to update the electrical conduit and wires during a pool renovation project.

Low PH pool water does not mix well with copper. When PH and alkalinity levels get below recommended ranges, they start corroding and stripping the copper from the pipes. The copper then finds a home and attaches itself to the pool finish. Often times, pools and spas with copper plumbing will have a greyish-green tint on the pool finish.

These pools also tended to use smaller pipes sizes. The smaller piping can stress the pump and cause it to work harder to push the water through plumbing system. A pump works more efficiently pushing water through 2” PVC pipe compared to a 1” copper pipe.

  1. City inspectors will look for a few things during a pool remodel to ensure your electrical system is safe.
  2. They will check to make sure your pool light is wired to a Junction box that is above the level of the deck. If a light is wired to a deck box, they will require that to be upgraded.
  3. They will require a GFCI(ground fault circuit interrupter) be installed at the light switch and pool equipment.
    If your decks are being replaced, they will require a bonding wire clamped at 4 points around your pool and spa.

Our plumbing and electrical crews have over 20 years of experience with pool and spa electrical upgrades and will ensure your pool is safe.