Finding the Best Swimming Pool Contractors in Orange County

Sorting through Swimming Pool Contractors

Although there is a lot of conflicting data regarding which US region has the most swimming pools per capita, it’s pretty clear that southern California makes the top ten. Lots of swimming pools, however, also means lots of swimming pool contractors. And as you can imagine, lots of swimming pool contractors, means lots of swimming pool contractor competition.

While this competition certainly helps homeowners save money, it also makes the process of choosing a swimming pool contractor somewhat stressful and time-consuming.

Here are the five most important things to consider when doing online and offline research for the best swimming pool contractors in Orange County.

1. Recommendations:

Do an Internet Search

One of the more basic techniques is to simply search for “swimming pool contractor Orange County” on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Internet search engines use various methods to try to list the most reputable and suitable contractors first. Remember, this process operates on a mathematic formula based on website visitors, online reviews, company history, and other factors. At the very least, however, you’ll know that the companies in your top ranked searches have at least enough management and organization to get their internet marketing correct.

Ask Around

A more effective option is to ask people you know for recommendations. Think about your relatives, friends and co-workers. Do any of them own a swimming pool in Orange County? If so, ask which pool service company they use, or if they’ve heard of the one you’re considering. Keep in mind that another person’s assessment of the work might be different than yours. For example, some pool owners will be most concerned about price, others about punctuality, and still others about customer service.

Try Social Media

Social media provides another way to find customer recommendations. You could privately ask acquaintances about their pool installation or pool repair experiences. Alternately, you might post a question that everyone can read and see how they respond. Keep in mind that people are usually more inclined to offer helpful suggestions and completely truthful information if they know you in person. Don’t forget to find the company on social media, as well. Look for an up-to-date profile and photos of the pool company’s current and past work in southern California.

2. References:

Call Company Referrals

You can ask also ask your Orange County swimming pool contractor to supply you with references. If you need a lot of work done, be sure to contact their references and ask several questions about their projects.

Read Online Reviews

An alternative is to look at reviews of the company on Facebook, Google, Yelp or similar websites. Either way, try to learn about the firm’s work quality, speed and pricing. Local trade associations might be able to refer you to desirable contractors as well.

3. Background Check

Check the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau may supply useful information about a company’s history. In addition to its rating, the BBB can tell you how long a firm has remained in business and when/if it was accredited. The bureau also publicizes information on the types and numbers of complaints it has received from clients. It can tell you about any government regulatory actions taken against a contractor as well.

4. Professional Qualifications

Do Your Homework

Remember to verify that a company has the appropriate qualifications and certifications to perform this type of work. California’s government requires these firms to possess swimming pool contractor licenses. This rule applies to any project priced in excess of $499. Plumbers, electricians and various other professionals may perform certain tasks, but they can’t legally install an entire pool.

5. Company History

Consider How Long They’ll Be Around

It’s best to choose a company that will probably stay in business for many years. This will ensure it upholds any guarantees and remains available for future repairs or renovations. A well-established firm is also more likely to perform quality work. When companies offer shoddy workmanship, they tend to go out of business sooner. Try to find a contractor that has installed pools for at least a decade and hasn’t repeatedly changed owners.

Your Orange County Swimming Pool Contractor Since 1981

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