Salt Systems for Pools

Salt pools are gaining popularity due to a number of factors but mainly because they make the pool feel like a European Spa. The relatively small amount of salt added to the water creates a “Soft Water” feel that is silky smooth. “Chloramines” which are responsible for the nasty “Chlorine” smell are burned off as the water passes through the salt cell. Soft, inviting water that doesn’t smell………what’s not to love!

Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling|Salt Systems for Pools

Yes and no…..while you won’t need to add much chlorine since the system will continually generate chlorine, it is still necessary to check and adjust PH and alkalinity. The salt cell also needs to be cleaned every few months (as well) for it to work properly.

You can expect to save on chemicals since you won’t be purchasing chlorine on a weekly basis. The upfront cost of the system combined with the ongoing maintenance and eventual cell replacement puts purchasing a salt system close to the same cost as adding chlorine weekly.

Absolutely! If you have ever experienced a salt pool, you will realize that there is no turning back. There is no more purchasing bottles of chlorine, no more eye irritation or obnoxious smells. As long as you don’t have copper plumbing in your pool and you understand that the system does require maintenance, (then) there should be no reason to keep manually chlorinating your pool.