Pool Coping


Coping is the cap on the edge of a swimming pool or spa. It is mortared to the bond beam if it is a brick, stone, pre-cast, travertine, or paver material. Coping can also be installed by pouring concrete into forms around the pool called poured-in-place-coping. This covers the top of the bond beam, forming a frame or border around the pool. It also ideally creates a non-slip surface near the pool, as well as something for swimmers to grab onto.

Once you have selected the right material for your new pool surface, and complimented it with just the right tile selection, you are ready to select your pool coping. You have many exciting and creative pool coping options to choose from.


Pre-Cast Concrete Coping


Pre-Cast Concrete Coping is one of our favorite products to install.  It comes in many colors, textures and edges. This is a basic material composed of concrete poured into a mold to create individual pieces of coping. This is a custom ordered product where our master craftsman comes to the pool to measure and order the pieces of coping that will contour your pool.  Once installed on a mortar bed, the joints are filled with a matching grout to help blend the product.  The variety of edges from bullnose, mesa edges, safety grip and square-nose allows our customers to exhibit their creative flair. The textures include the standard salt finish, a sand-blast finish and a stamped finish(slate). The large selection of colors allows the homeowner to (either) blend the coping with the deck material, frame the pool and make the coping stand out, or find a happy medium. This is another product where the craftsmanship and attention to detail is noticeable.


Natural Stone Coping


Natural Stone Coping can help update and transform an old, dated pool into a pool that is unrecognizably beautiful.  From the rugged and earthy look of sandstone and quartzite to the sleek and sophisticated feel of travertine, there is a stone to satisfy all tastes. Quartzite and sandstone are known for their durability and strength.  The non-slip texture of these stones appeals to those with families who will be using the pool and spa on a frequent basis. The quartzite and sandstone also have a good selection of color tones and shades that can complement different deck materials, tiles, and pool surfaces. Quartzite and sandstone come in a random “Flagstone” pattern that is used most commonly. They can also be honed and chiseled into rectangular modular sizes    Travertine has a natural non-skid surface along with a cooler surface than concrete or bricks. This elegant coping comes in beige, caramel, and gray tones.


Poured in Place Coping


This versatile coping is a close cousin to the pre-cast concrete coping. Instead of individual pieces of coping, this coping is poured into molds set along the edge of the pool. It is ideal when a thicker coping is necessary or when there are many curves in the pool. This method can help to make a small area around the pool look much bigger, and give the deck cleaner lines. It is available in washed, broom, or stamped finishes. Like the Pre-Cast coping, it can be colored using the Davis Color chart.


Brick CopingBrick Coping


Brick Coping is a classic and familiar coping that can be found outlining many of Southern California’s pools and spas. It provides a warm, comforting, rustic  look while maintaining exceptional durability. Brick coping is available in both single and double bullnose design as well as Safety Grip. Installing a successful brick coping project requires extra attention to detail on the curved areas and mitered corners where the cuts must be well planned and precise.


Paver CopingPaver Coping

With the popularity of paver decks at an all-time high, the paver manufacturers have been making complementary coping that matches the decking. Bullnose concrete pavers are the most popular and boast 8000 PSI strength. You can tie your new paver deck with the same type of coping with these brick shaped coping pieces. Another option is to use paver wall caps as a coping. This is useful when a wider and thicker coping is needed for the design.


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