Pool Decking

Alan Smith Pools offers you many beautiful swimming pool decking ideas selected to fit your budget and taste. From various types of natural stone and marble pavers, to brick and cement pavers, let our professional staff help you find the perfect decking plan for you. A solution that is perfect for your backyard home resort and budget.


If you are looking to replace a small section of concrete or redo your whole backyard, we can handle any size job. Concrete becomes a durable product when properly installed with control joints to minimize cracking and rebar added for tensile strength. Overall, it is a cost effective and versatile product. .Concrete is available in salt, broom, washed or stamped finishes. We have examples of these finishes at our showroom.

Natural Stone

Another beautiful option for pool decks is natural stone. The same stones we use for the coping around the pool can be used in a decking application. A deck would use a thinner Quartzite or sandstone that would be mortared to a concrete sub base. Travertine is another alluring option available in cream and beige tones. Travertine can be sand set the same way pavers are installed. We have several natural stones available in our showroom.

Deck Coating OverlaysDeck Coating Overlays

Often times we come across concrete decks that are in great shape structurally with very few cracks, but the concrete is just stained and discolored. This is a great time to consider a deck coating overlay. An overlay is a ¼” thick cementitious coating that is applied on top of the existing concrete.

Some benefits of deck coatings

  1. We offer a slip-resistant texture
  2. The non-porous acrylic finish coat keeps dirt, oils & chemicals from penetrating the coating resulting in reduced time and money spent on maintenance.
  3. Our classic texture ensures a comfortable walking surface to the bare foot and is cooler than concrete, brick or tile.
  4. The classic finish is one of the most economical & durable decorative concrete coatings available about 1/3 to ½ the cost new concrete.

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