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When you are remodeling your swimming pool and updating the surface material of your pool it is the perfect time to replace your old inefficient pool equipment with more cost efficient equipment. Alan Smith offers a variety of manufacturers and types of pumps, heaters, filters, and pool cleaners to fit your every need. Today homeowners face many challenges including rising energy costs, more costly water supplies, noise abatement ordinances, and a highlighted universal social awareness. New technologies and more advanced and efficient product designs allow homeowners to make better environmental choices and enjoy lower costs. In addition, the energy companies offer a variety of rebate programs that encourage homeowners to upgrade their pool equipment.

  • Advanced motor technology can provide savings of up to 30%;
  • Proper water flow management and variable drives on pumps can deliver savings of over 50%;
  • With these advances have come the design advancements to provide the quietest pumps ever;
  • Reduction of heat and vibration have enabled dramatically longer lives for pumps.
  • Optimized fuel/air mix control is providing superior efficiency and faster heat-up;
  • Certified low NOx emissions outperform current industry standards for air pollution exhaust;
  • Technology advances have enabled even quieter performance;
  • Non-corrosive exteriors stand up to both extreme heat and cold.
  • More efficient water flow allows use of smaller pumps or lower pump speeds in most cases;
  • Removal of backwash valves can further increase hydraulic efficiency;
  • Pool owners can rinse cartridges rather than backwashing the pool, reducing water usage by hundreds and even thousands of gallons per year.
  • Large capacity cartridges provide maximum filter surface area for greater dirt trapping capacity and fewer cleanings.

There are also a variety of automated pool cleaners available today to choose from. So while you are selecting the right pool surface material, tile, and coping for your swimming pool, consider changing out your old inefficient pool equipment. It will actually add money to your bank account over time. The sales associates at Alan Smith are trained to help you select the right equipment for you needs.