Structural Modifications

Baja Benches

One popular type of pool entry is the shelf feature. You might have heard it called a Baja shelf, reef step and one of many other names. We like to call it a Baja Bench at Alan Smith Pools.

Shallow or change the shape of your pool

If you have an 8’ or deeper pool and would like to make it more kid friendly, we can shallow your pool.

  • Heat your pool faster with less water volume
  • Enjoy water volleyball with a shallow pool
  • Create a more social environment

If your pool is too big or even too small, we can modify the size of your pool to fit your needs.

Major or minor structural crack repairs

Many pools in southern California are the victims of major cracks in their pools due to earth and hillside movement. We offer 3 different methods to fix cracks. Our trained sales staff will be able to assess your cracks and provide a recommendation for which method would be appropriate for your pool or spa.

  • Epoxy injection
  • Epoxy injection strengthened with steel staples
  • Complete tear out of gunite at the cracked area, retie steel and install new gunite



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