Custom Rockwork & Rockscapes


Artificial Rock Painting

If you have existing rockscapes or boulders, and it is time to update their look and give them a little more pop, just give us a call. Alan Smith craftsman have over 10 years of experience in matching existing colors, or converting old structures to new color designs. We can make your older rock designs look brand new. We offer 4 standard colors of Fieldstone, Sandstone, Limestone, and Gray.

rock waterfalls, slides and grottos

Rock Waterfalls, Slides, and Grottoes

Turn your backyard home resort into a natural living environment with the addition of rock waterfalls, grottoes, and slides.

A variety of manufactured rock forms can be used to create a magnificent look for your swimming pool and backyard area. Whether you are considering pre-packaged kits and systems, or custom designed sculptures, you have the freedom to create just the right feel and look for your personal kingdom.



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