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Water Feature

Bring your pool to life with a new Water Feature

Water features are a wonderful way to add beauty and your own personality to your swimming pool and backyard Home Resort. Increase relaxation by drowning out that external white noise. Soothe the brain and the soul with the sound of running water. Alan Smith Pools has a variety of water features and water fountains ranging from sheet flows, lighted laminar flow fountains, in-deck jet streams, in-planter jet streams, or LED bubblers, from which you can choose.


MagicFalls Water Effects


Sheet flows are one of the most popular water features for pools with raised bond beams or retaining walls that border a swimming pool. Sheet flows come in a variety of standard sizes from 12 inches to as long as 8 feet. We can also have custom lengths of sheet flow fountains made for your specific applications and needs. Sheet flows also come in a variety of water flow options depending on the look and volume of water sound you are desiring. The standard sheet flow provides a simple flow of water directly down into the swimming pool area offering a pleasant sound of water cascading into the pool. If you desire a greater volume of water sound you will probably want to consider the Arc sheet flow which pushes the water up at a 45 degree angle before cascading into the swimming pool. A third popular option is a rainfall sheet flow that provides more of a softer sprinkling sound and looks spectacular when combining it with decorative lighting.

Scuppers & Sconces

When considering your options, you might also want to look at the variety of decorative scuppers and sconces for your swimming pool. These fountain accents can range in material from natural stone, bronze, copper, and silver nickel. The styles can vary from lion’s heads to flowers and leafs. There are many options that can be used to provide just the right look and feel to your backyard environment.

Deck Jets & MagicStream Laminars


Laminar jets are one of the most fun and tantalizing water feature options available. Laminar jets can be placed in a deck, in the coping of a swimming pool, or in an existing planter. The streams of water can cover both short and longer distances, and when lighting is added, can offer a wonderful complement to your swimming pool and backyard. Consider adding a dedicated pump and control and you can create a variety of water shows and effects using multiples of these laminar jets. You are only limited by your imagination.

ColorCascade LED Lights Bubblers

Raised bond beam bubblers plants


ColorCascade bubblers allow you to showcase and enhance pool features like baja benches, steps and beach entries. Prepare to be amazed as your pool comes to life with color-changing LED lighting and movement. The gentle sounds and inviting water movement of the ColorCascade bubbler are achieved with low voltage and minimal water flow requirements, making them an energy-efficient addition to pools, fountains, ponds and more.

Fountains & Waterfalls



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