Pool Lighting

Bring your backyard to life at night

 I know I can save on my energy bill with a variable speed pump and fuel efficient heater. Is it true that LED pool lights will save me money as well?

LED pool lights use about 90% less electricity compared to the older incandescent lights. LED bulbs last much longer which reduces your replacement costs making the switch to LED worth the upfront investment.

Will my pool look any better with LED lights compared to my existing Incandescent lights?

The answer to this is a definitive yes! The LED bulb generates a much cleaner, clearer and pure white light. Incandescents are known for the dull and slightly yellow hue they create. The brighter light from the LED accentuates many of the new pebble and plaster finishes we install.

Do a lot of people install color changing lights?

We have quite a few customers who upgrade to the color lights. The pre-programmed light shows can liven up a summer party and turn the backyard into an exotic resort. With 5 colors and 7 light shows to choose from, the pool will never be accused of being boring!


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