Pool Heaters

While your current heater might be working, it could also be costing you money. The older heaters are much less efficient, meaning that they require more gas than the newer heaters to heat a pool or spa the same amount. This also means it can take much longer to heat your spa. There is nothing worse than having to wait in the cold pool while your heater takes 30 minutes to heat up!

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The older heaters have copper heat exchangers inside. Copper does not play nice with low PH pool water! The copper will corrode from the heat exchanger and find a home on your fresh new plaster. The newer Pentair MasterTemp heaters have an option to upgrade to a Cupronickel heat exchanger, which happens to play nice with pool water! If you have copper (in your) plumbing, it is wise to consider converting to PVC during your pool remodeling project.

The new Pentair MasterTemp heaters are made of a rust-proof composite material that can withstand harsh weather. They also operate much quieter. Come to our showroom where we have a full equipment set on display and running where you can see and hear for yourself.

We have no problem installing a customer purchased product. We would only ask you to weigh the pros and cons. A major benefit of having Alan Smith Pools provide and install the heater is that we can offer an extended warranty since we are an Authorized Pentair Installer. Products purchased online always run the risk of being defective and returning the product to the online retailer can be like pulling teeth.

One of our trained pool remodeling specialists will inspect your gas line size, length of gas line, and size of pool to determine which heater is appropriate for your pool and spa. We provide a high volume of heaters and can install the right size from a 250K BTU, 300K BTU or 400K BTU. A BTU is just a fancy term for how much energy is required for the heater. The higher the BTU’s, the faster you can heat up your spa.