Pool Automation

Have you ever wanted to turn on your pool heater, spa jets, pool lights, pump, water features or landscape lights with your Smart phone?   

You guessed it, there’s an app for that!
Tired of walking to your pool equipment at night in the cold trying to avoid lurking spiders just to turn on your pool heater?
Do you leave your pool lights off at night because it’s too far to walk to the light switch?

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The PENTAIR – IntelliCenter Control System for Pool and Spa is the latest automation innovation from Pentair. Easily and intuitively manage the features of your pool and/or spa from anywhere in the world with IntelliCenter’s remote access and built-in connectivity for the ultimate in convenient control.

  • Provides real-time email alerts
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface on touchscreen interfaces with multiple controller options
  • Optional indoor control panel and wireless remote
  • Controls spa jets, lights and light shows, blower, water features remotely
  • Interfaces with iOS®, Android® mobile devices, Apple Watch® and smart speakers, enabling owners to check their pools status remotely


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