The Hottest Swimming Pool Designs of 2020

Everyone dreams of one day having a pool in their home where they can sit, relax, and soak up the sun. However, if you asked those people what shape, size, or depth they want their pool to be, you’d get a variety of answers. Even so, there are several pool design trends that you can take into consideration for the finished product you’re looking for. Something that will add to the pizazz of your home as the go-to hangout spot.

Here are several backyard pool designs and the trends that are scorching hot. See if any of them fit your wish list for the pool you’re wanting to install or renovate.

  1. 1. Gemstone Premium Plaster & Quartz

This trend is all about maintaining the beauty and durability of your pool as it is for aesthetic purposes.

Every pool goes through general wear and tear during the many years that it’s put to use.

The typical, run-of-the-mill pool plaster marble that’s put in your pool won’t stand the test of time. After a few pool cleanings, it’s already needing to be replaced or refurbished.

Meanwhile, if you were to use a white quartz finish instead, then you’d have a finish for your pool that will serve you well for years to come. You’re spending a lot of money into the pool of your dreams, so make sure it’s protected with the right finish.

  1. 2. Smart Lightingbackyard pool designs

The days where you flipped the “on” switch whenever you want to use the light that’s in your pool are gone.

This is thanks to the advancement of smart lighting where you can now control where the lighting is placed, its color, and its brightness, too.

These features can help you create a beautiful pool design that blends perfectly with your backyard. For example, picking the right shade of subtle lighting can be perfect for backyards that let the stars be its natural lighting.

Better yet, there are now phone apps that can pair with your pool light and change its color right away. Perfect for all get-togethers with family and friends.

  1. 3. Optimized Landscaping

In the same way that no dream backyard is complete without an in-ground pool, no backyard is complete without beautiful landscaping.

In fact, if done correctly, the landscaping you use around your pool can make it seem as if the pool is a part of nature. A perfect oasis for people to relax, escape their busy lives, and enjoy the crisp water.

There are several beautiful pieces of landscaping to use in your pool. These include, but aren’t limited to ornamental grass, vines, succulents, and (if your climate allows it) palm trees.

Anything to add to the backyard pool vibe that you’re going for. Just make sure the plants don’t grow too tall as they might dip in the pool.

  1. 4. Swim-Up Bars

    backyard pool designs by ocean

Nothing says “this home is a paradise” like a bar that’s installed inside of the pool. Your guests can have the best of both worlds by sitting at a bar and enjoying the water simultaneously.

All your friends and family members will find any excuse to have a party at your house and drink a few cocktails or beers.

Contrary to popular belief, installing a swim-up bar actually maximizes the spacing in your backyard by fusing the two most popular aspects of it into one.

That leaves space for other things such as a fire pit or outdoor kitchen if you’d like to one day build those features in as well.

  1. 5. Dark Pool Interior

Looking for a pool design trend that’s as useful for your budget as it is for your pool aesthetic? If so, then consider using a dark pool interior finish for your pond.

Using a dark finish will separate your pool from any other in the neighborhood, and pairs very nicely with any waterfalls, rock arrangements, or landscaping that you have. It looks much more natural than pools with a light finish.

Not to mention that dirt in the pool won’t stand out as much as it does in pools with lighter finishes.

The dark color of the pool will also absorb and retain heat from sunlight, meaning your electricity bill will be lowered tremendously in some months.

  1. 6. Foot Deep Shallow Areasbackyard pool designs

We all know those people that enjoy dipping their feet in the pool, but don’t like to commit to fully submerging until several hours later… maybe you’re one of them.

If so, installing a foot-deep shallow-depth area to relax is the perfect addition to your pool. You can get in the pool and be involved in the pool activity without getting entirely wet.

This is also a great way to add to the size of your pool while not taking on additional expenses to the construction costs. Put a few beach chairs in the water and have a nice, refreshing, reading spot for the calmer days.

Shallow-depth pool areas are a great feature for any family pool. Having one will maximize your pool’s usage.

Integrate These Backyard Pool Designs into Your Dream Pool

Now that you’ve seen some of the top backyard pool designs and trends, it’s time to get started building the pool you’ve always wanted.

Set yourself up with a pool specialist that has the experience and know-how to see your project through to the end.

Be sure to read this article on selecting a pool surface for more tips you need to consider on your pool’s detailing.


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