Renovate My Pool: Superb Pool Renovation Ideas

Renovate My Pool

Whether you are looking to do a simple replaster or completely change the look, shape and design of your pool or backyard, we have you covered here at Alan Smith Pools. With extensive experience in pool and deck restorations, we can turn your dreams into reality. For a pool renovation to work, you need to figure out what it is that you want. Check out our before and after gallery to get some ideas.  Not sure what these upgrades would look like around your pool? Request a 3D design from one of our pool remodeling specialists.

Decking and Outdoor Living Ideas

  • Tear out the lifting concrete and put in pavers – If you have cracked concrete, you are not alone. Southern California has expansive soil that creates havoc on concrete decks. The solution…….. interlocking concrete pavers! They are an affordable and beautiful alternative to concrete.  Besides the fact that they don’t crack, they allow you to easily access underground plumbing or electrical lines without having to tear into concrete.  We showcase over 30 different pavers at our showroom in Orange County.
  • Incorporate Fire – The last option to talk about today is outdoor fire elements. Fire elements include things like fire pits, fire bowls, small tiki torches or even full-size fireplaces. These are excellent if you utilize your pool a lot at night, as the fire makes your entire backyard paradise glow.
  • Bring your yard to life with LED lights – Light up those dark areas in your backyard with LED outdoor lighting. Show off your trees and walkways with well positioned and high quality lighting. It is amazing how lighting can change the whole yard.

Pool Remodeling Project Ideas

  • Change the Shape – Another option is to get rid of the dull square or circle-shaped pool that you currently have. Switch things up and modify the shape of the pool. This is considered a pretty major overhaul, but it can really pay off in the end by making your pool bigger or even adding more yard space by shrinking the pool.
  • Add a Spa – Spas are becoming extremely popular as a separate section of the backyard pool. These are often attached to the pool. With spas, they can be designed and built so that the water from it spills over into the actual pool. With hot tubs, this isn’t the case since you probably wouldn’t want hot water in your regular pool.
  • Implement Water Features – Whether you want to opt for a small bubbling fountain or a beautiful waterfall, water features can truly transform your entire backyard space. Plus, these tend to make the area more peaceful and relaxing, which is great when you’re trying to wind down after a long day at work or simply want to enjoy some alone time with your significant other.
  • Baja Benches –Create a shallow area for the kids to play in or for you to set up a lounge chair and dive into the newest best seller. Baja benches are a relaxing touch to any pool that make the pool more useable.

Renovate my Pool!

If you have an idea of what you would like in your backyard, contact Alan Smith Pools with your pool renovation ideas. If you can dream something up, we can build it for you! Give us a call at (714) 628-9494 or fill out our short form for more information.