How to Install a Pebble Pool Finish?

Whether you’re considering a significant pool repair or a new pool finish, then considering a pebble pool construction is an excellent idea. Pebble pool construction offers natural beauty and refined texture like no other.

Using the most beautiful stones and designs from our extensive collection of pool finishes, enhancements, and outdoor elements – we are sure you’ll find a finish you love!

Because of its aesthetic appeal and anti-slip qualities, pebble pool finishes are a great way to transform your backyard. Not only that, but this decorative solution also brings:

  • Proven durability
  • Custom finishes
  • Rich color
  • Smooth texture
  • Easy maintenance
  • Etch resistant
  • Variegated aggregate
  • Long life – up to 25 years

Hence, pool owners looking to mimic nature with natural-looking pool surfaces, suggestive of gurgling riverbeds or beautiful oceans, can see their dreams come true with our Pebble Pool Finish.

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The Pebble Pool Finish Application

Different pool finishes

A pebble pool finish offers several choices in textures, colors, and designs. At Alan Smith, we offer a wide variety of stunning, hue cues from Mother Nature that blend seamlessly into any outdoor environment.

We use the highest quality materials, installation techniques, and pebble pool finishes that eliminates the staining issue that is so prevalent with regular plasters.

These aggregates consist of natural pebbles, glass beads, and seashells that create a beautiful and distinctively different pool oasis.

“Pebble finish is an exposed aggregate finish and a popular substitute.”

The Alan Smith Installation Process

At Alan Smith, it is our mission to create beautiful outdoor environments backed by a high level of experience, quality, process, and support. From initial design and development to ongoing care, we offer the best finish exceeding clients’ expectations.

Here’s how we do it.

Getting the Shell Ready

Steel-reinforced concrete is used to form a shell.  Often, cement and plaster are the go-to in-ground pool-building materials to make the residential pool shell ready.

Mixing the Batch Formula

We combine the cement, the glass, the aggregate, the pigment, and proprietary additives to create the material that will be used as your interior pool finish. Also, we add around two-pound calcium chloride for every 1000-pound batch. By following a specific recipe, we create a well blended material. Our authorized applicators will then apply this mixture. If the pool shell is a dry one, we reintroduce moisture into it and mask everything off.

Adding the Color

Colored pebble finish for your poolDepending on the shade you choose, we will add color for a dramatic effect on your pool. Usually, we recommend bright crystal blues that enrich your pool’s visual appeal.

“You can add any color for a dramatic impact on your pool.”

Pneumatic Spray Application

We then pump the mixed formula through a hose and pneumatically apply it with a sprayer. Our technicians complete this step diligently to ensure even coverage of the finished material.

Opting for a Second Coat

After applying the spray, our installers scratch the walls and floor and then spray the double coat. This is when we will expose the pebbles for a beautiful effect.

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Hand Troweling

Next, our installer hand trowels the material for a more compacted surface that’s ready for exposure. Our applicators wear special shoes with spikes during the process to protect the finish.

Exposing the Finish

Stunning blue finish for poolDepending on the finish, we wash off the surface, expose the aggregate, and sprinkle on an abalone shell. During this step, we remove the excess cement and expose the glass beads or pebbles.


During the final wash and rinse, there’s a lot of slurry in the pool. It’s the cream that we wash off, and it needs to be thoughtfully disposed. We pump it out using slurry bags or suck it through a vacuum truck.


To find maximum compaction, the aggregate is washed, exposed, and re-troweled over and over by our installers.  This ensures a firmly embedded aggregate in the cement. The result is a pretty blue glass  embedded in the abalone shell.

“Ensure a firmly embedded aggregate in the cement while compacting the pool finish.”

Completing the Project

After completing the installation, it’s time for the fun part. You can now fill it with water, balance the chemicals, follow the care instructions, and get ready to swim!

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How to Install a Pebble Pool Finish? Alan Smith Pools – Orange County, CA