Popular Pool Upgrades During Pool Surface Repair Work

To say that we do a lot of pool surface repair at Alan Smith Pools is a bit of an understatement. Pool surface repair is our specialty. It is no coincidence that Alan Smith was already a foreman in the late 1970’s, leading pool plastering crews at the age of 19. In 1981 he opened his own pool surface repair company. By 1989 he was also a founding member of the National Plasterers Council.

Pool Surface Repair Basics

As your swimming pool ages over the years, and it will, the concrete and plaster surfaces will begin to breakdown. With regular maintenance and periodic resurfacing, however, the cost of upkeep can be kept to a minimum.

Taking on a pool surface repair project at home is not for the faint of heart. Not only does it require a lengthy list of tools, safety gear and chemicals, you also need some decent skills. A steady hand, more than a little patience, and a long stretch of empty pool are probably in order.

Occasionally the repairs going beyond the surface. Old copper pipes should be replaced with PVC. Leaking plumbing lines should be replace. This is when it really pays to hire a professional swimming pool surface repair company. Not only do you get a team of highly trained, fully insured professionals, but you get the warranty that often comes with the work.

Popular Pool Upgrades

If you’ve got a little extra money to spare, scheduling your swimming pool surface repair is also the perfect time to upgrade your pool. Here are some common upgrades we can do during your next pool surface repair.

  • Pumps & Equipment

    Pumps, filters, and heaters are by far the easiest and most common swimming pool upgrades available.

    • Pumps. Advanced motor technology can produce energy savings of up to 30%. Improved water flow management can deliver over 50% in savings. New pumps are ultra quiet, and have a much longer lifespan.
    • Filters. Improved filtering means smaller pumps, lower pump speeds, and a huge savings in electricity. Best of all, switching from a backwash to a large capacity cartridge system can literally save thousands of gallons of water every year.
    • Heaters. New heaters have plenty of features that make them more efficient and environmentally friendly. They heat up faster, produce less emissions, are ultra quiet, and are made of non-corrosive exteriors that withstand both extreme heat and cold.
  • Plumbing & Electrical

    Each year we work on hundreds of pools that were plumbed with copper wire, or outdated galvanized conduit.

    • Plumbing. Copper plumbing and low PH pool water are not best friends. Corroding copper attaches itself to the pool finish, leaving you with a greenish-gray tint to your pool. Additionally, these smaller 1″ pipes put unnecessary stress on your pumps, compared to 2″ PVC.
    • Electrical. Outdated conduit that has corroded can be dangerous. Exposed wires can send electrical currents through the damp ground. If not up to code, these required changes are essential to continue using your pool safely.
  • Lighting, Automation, & Water Features

    Lighting, automation, and water features are the most cost effective way to add value to your pool. Although these small elements are not very expensive or crucial to operating a pool, they create a perception of luxury. Fire pits, water jets, and wireless smart phone operation can give an old pool plenty of new personality. Best of all, creating this resort-style atmosphere in your own back yard can make you feel like you really at a resort. Customers who upgrade often tell us they spend more time relaxing by their pool after adding these features. These include:

    • MagicFalls Water Effects
    • Scuppers & Sconces
    • Deck Jets
    • MagicStream Laminars
    • ColorCascade LED Lights Bubblers
    • Fountains

Contact the Pool Surface Repair Experts

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