4 Reasons Why Fall Pool Remodeling Just Makes Sense

Avoid Summer Pool Remodeling

Without a doubt, you probably think of your pool more often in the summer than any other time of the year. Maybe it’s the beautiful weather. Perhaps you love to barbecue. Or you simply throw fantastic summer parties or like to entertain guests. Whatever the reason, you spend more time in and around your pool during the summer months. It’s no wonder that summer is the most popular time for pool remodeling & renovations.

Unfortunately, summer is quite possibly the worst time of the year to renovate your pool. In fact, unless you have a major leak or safety issue, we highly encourage our customers to wait until the off-season for any major pool renovations.

Major pool remodeling takes time and means closing down your pool for several days or more. Not to mention, the extra hot weather effects the renovation process, further adding to the time and cost of your standard pool renovation.

The Real Benefits of a Fall Pool Renovation

If you’re considering swimming pool remodeling this summer, here’s five reasons that we hope encourage you to wait:

  1. Lower Cost

    There are numerous factors that lead to increased productivity in cooler weather. In plain terms, however, this typically means reduced prices for our off-season pool remodeling customers.

  2. Shorter Reconstruction Period

    Along with the typically lower cost comes the shorter periods of pool remodeling and renovation. Construction materials become easier to work with, and pool technicians are able to increase their speed without fear of heat stroke or exhaustion.

  3. No Need to Close Your Swimming Pool

    Shutting down your swimming pool in hot weather means no backyard relaxation on demand. This also means no parties, barbecues, or poolside hangouts during the time it takes to renovate your swimming pool.

  4. Flexible Schedules

    With less demand for off-season pool renovations, our schedule is more flexible and ready to adapt to your needs. Help us try and work around you needs by scheduling your pool renovation in the off-season.

Schedule Your Post-Season Pool Remodeling Early

Before you know it, the kids will be back in school, school will be in full gear, and you’ll be spending less time in your pool. Take advantage of this by scheduling your pool remodeling in advance.

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