Top 10 Things to Look for in a Pool Contractor

Do you know what makes a good pool contractor?

Rest easy – because we’ve put together this list of the Top 10 Things to Look for in a Pool Contractor, so you don’t have to worry! Simply use this great Top 10 list to help you select the best pool contractor for you and your pool! Download a FREE contractor checklist at the end of the list, too!

A Good Pool Contractor Will:

pool contractor CA10. Show You Past Customer Pools Upon Request

Any good contractor is proud of their past work and their customers should be, too! Ask your contractor if they can show you past pools they’ve worked on, or if they can put you in touch with past customers.

If they refuse to do either of these things, watch out! That’s a red flag – there’s probably a reason they won’t do it.


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9. Have a Good Warranty

Alan Smith Pools is proud to offer a 10-year warranty to our customers. If your contractor doesn’t offer a warranty, steer clear.

Not offering the coverage and security a warranty provides is suspect.

8. Have a C-53 License

Did you know that anyone can call themselves a pool contractor, even if they’re not an expert? Don’t fall victim to amateurs – only hire the experts. You can easily tell one from the other, because experts will have their C-53 California Swimming Pool Contractors License.

A C-53 license, as defined by the California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Division 8, Article 3, Classifications:

A swimming pool contractor constructs swimming pools, spas or hot tubs, including installation of solar heating equipment using those trades or skills necessary for such construction.

Here’s how to check if your pool contractor has one:

7. Have Workers’ Comp Insurance

A good pool contractor takes care of their employees.

Furthermore, any pool contractor with employees is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in the state of California.

6. Carry General Liability Insurance

Yes, a good pool contractor will have General Liability Insurance. Alan Smith Pools does carry General Liability Insurance, which can be viewed below.

Insurance Policy

5. Have Multiple References

Any great pool contractor should have multiple references and a solid positive reputation in the community. Alan Smith Pools has won multiple awards, and the love of our customers in our community. Alan is proud of the fact that over 80% of our business is generated though referrals from friends, neighbors, family and past customers.

Make sure you get referrals from a few different sources before moving forward. With a good contractor, that should be easy.


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pool contractor CA4. Have Years of Industry Experience

The right pool contractor should have years of experience under their belt.

It’s quite common nowadays for pool companies in California to go out of business pretty quickly. And that 10-year warranty is no good if there’s no business anymore!

With Alan Smith Pools, you can rest assured knowing we’re standing strong.

Owner Alan Smith started working as a pool plasterer in 1974 at age 19 and quickly rose up the ranks to become a foreman within a year. In 1980, Alan married Teresa and they decided what a better way to start a marriage right than to become small business owners! In 1981, Alan Smith Pools began. Over the next 35 years, Alan learned the ins and outs of every aspect of pool plasteringpool tilingcoping installation and overall pool remodeling. Alan was a pioneer with several innovative product ideas and developments. Alan was one the first contractors to pebble pools in California and is currently one of the very few that will Hydro-blast a pool as a prep method.

Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling | Top 10 Things to Look for in a Pool Contractor

3. Have In-House Experts on Staff

The best pool companies should have exceptional, knowledgeable staff.

Some plastering companies sub-contract the plastering work, but Alan Smith Pools is different.

Here at Alan Smith Pools, we have in-house plastering crews trained by Alan, who still will occasionally trowel a pool.

Our crews have years of experience leading the California swimming pool industry.

2. Offer Hydroblasting

Ask your pool contractor which they prefer: traditional pool stripping or hydroblasting? The answer will say a lot about your contractor!

Hydroblasting actually gives the best results:

  • cuts plasters with high pressure water.
  • leaves an excellent profile for new material bonding.
  • does not impact or weaken the gunite substrate.
  • does not expose structural steel.
  • leaves an ideal, uniform surface for new product placement.
  • does not cause structural trauma to the pool shell.

“Hydroblasting is one of the best construction technologies to become available to the pool industry in several decades.”

– Tindall Engineering, Inc.


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1. Be an Industry Leader

Alan Smith was a founding member of the National Plasters Council (NPC) and chaired their research committee. He has also served on and chaired the NPC board of directors. In 2007, Alan helped designed and build the National Pool Industry Research Center at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and chaired its Advisory Board under Cal Poly’s Environmental Engineering Department. Alan is a national speaker and lecturer on swimming pool resurfacing subjects for the National Plasterer’s Council, Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, and Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. He holds classes for property managers for the Community Associations Institute.   Alan has served as an expert witness and is active in construction defect inspections.

Industry leaders always use best trade practices and know how to build a strong, beautiful pool.

If you’re looking for the best pool contractor in California, schedule a design consultation with Alan Smith Pools today!


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