Four Big Benefits of a New Pool Deck Coating

Your Pool Deck Coating

You might not have thought much about your pool deck coating, but once you’ve had your pool for a few years, you may notice that the deck begins to look worn.  Things get spilled, the weather does its damage and simple aging can make the deck look tired and worn.  If there are cracks in the surface, you may want to consider a complete redoing of the area, but normally the structure itself is fine, it is only a matter of cosmetic imperfections. In this case, you may want to consider a simple deck coating to help cover the wear and tear and return the surface to its former glory.

What is a Pool Deck Coating?

This is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of removing the old deck and starting over, a cement-like material is applied to the deck surface and smoothed out. The coating is approximately a quarter of an inch thick, which is thick enough to fill in any minor cracks or dips in the surface, without requiring a major inconvenience to you and your family. The pool deck looks fresh and clean and your whole pool area benefits from the upgrade in appearance.

Benefits of Pool Deck Coating

In addition to a better looking area, there are several key benefits of having your pool deck coated.

  1. Slip-resistant.

    Wet surfaces can quickly become slippery, causing falls and other accidents. The pool deck coating creates a textured surface that helps reduce the chances of slipping. It is added insurance if you have kids and pets that will be near your pool. Many accidents around a pool are caused, not from swimming itself, but from slips that cause little ones to either break bones or fall into the pool. Chances of this happening are reduced with the non-slip surface.

  2. Reduced time and money on maintenance.

    The porous surface keeps dirt and other debris from soaking into the material. This allows for quick, easy cleanup and helps prevent stains and discoloration from weather. Your maintenance costs will be greatly reduced.

  3. Easier on bare feet.

    Brick, concrete and other materials can quickly soak up the sun’s rays. This makes it uncomfortable to walk barefoot in the area. In addition to being uncomfortable, hot surfaces can burn the delicate skin on feet, making it difficult to walk and even creating hospital bills if the burn is too great. The material used to coat the deck is made to resist the absorption of heat. The surface stays cooler to the touch, making it comfortable to walk across in bare feet.

  4. Costs less.

    Coating your pool deck rather than having it completely redone will cost you between one-third and one-half the cost. You could use this money for much more important, or pleasurable, things. Consider that the actual cost of having a coating done is less expensive and add that savings to reduced emergency room bills from slips and burns, and you have one of the best investments possible in your outdoor area.

Make Your Deck Look New Again

With all the benefits that come with a coating, it doesn’t make sense to spend more. Investing in a coating will save you money, make your deck look new again and add to safety for both you and your family. Check out our selection of pool decking ideas today and be on your way to a more beautiful, and safer, pool deck tomorrow. We will be more than glad to look at your project and provide a free estimate so you know in advance what you will be spending. No surprises with us. We look forward to doing business with you. (714) 628-9494

Four Big Benefits of a New Pool Deck Coating | Alan Smith Pools