Wake Up the Backyard with Pool Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing

When you first installed your pool, you were proud to show it off. You probably spent hours sitting beside it or swimming in the cool water. It’s been several years now, however, and you find yourself less impressed with your pool and spa. The surface has discolored and is starting to peel away in places. Your kids are scratching are even scratching their feet on the rough pool surface. You don’t feel as much pleasure swimming in it as you used to and the urge to give neighborhood pool parties has become almost non-existent as your pool ages. You can’t say the pool looks totally unappealing; it just looks tired. We have the perfect solution for you. Your pool and spa can look as new as it once did or even better with a complete pool resurfacing.


Depending on the current surface material of your pool, you may want to simply update the look or go in a whole new direction. Pool finishes don’t have to consist of one boring color or a simple plaster material. In the past, your choice of surface material consisted of only white plaster. Today, however, we have a variety of materials for you to choose from. The choices range from white and colored plaster, plaster and quartz blends for superior strength, to exposed aggregate pebble finishes, to polished finishes and even high end glass bead blends. Imagine your pool surface looking like the bottom of a mountain spring, covered in pebbles. If you want to get a little fancy, we can add iridescent glass beads to your pebble finish to reflect the sunlight and send hundreds of rainbows throughout your pool. We can even make your pool sparkle and shimmer with a dash of abalone shell added to the surface.

If you come into our showroom, you can view the many choices available. We pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality materials. It doesn’t make sense to us to have to come back every year to redo a project that can look good for many years if done correctly. We can explain what you are facing in the way of durability with each of your choices.


When you resurface a pool, it is not simply a matter of throwing a new coating over the old. We take the time to properly prepare the old surface with flat chisels or a high pressure water blaster to create a rough surface for the new finish to bond to.  Only after this is done can the new surface be applied.  We have been resurfacing pools for over thirty years and you can be assured we will spend as much time and attention on your project as we would our own. We have in house plaster crews who were trained by the owner which allows us to control our quality. Our business depends on your happiness and we want you to be happy enough to show off your pool to all your neighbors.


Now imagine you have had your pool resurfaced with all the extras. Your friends and neighbors are arriving for a summer cook-out and pool party.  You smell the burgers cooking and hear laughter from a couple standing at the far end of the pool. As the sunlight bounces off the sparkling water, you marvel at how new your pool appears. It no longer looks tired, but like a vibrant and energizing place to spend some time. You hear your neighbors talking about how they wish they would have added the sparkling glass bead and shimmering abalone shell that’s in your pool.

Stop by our showroom today or give us a call to come out and see what pool resurfacing can do for your tired pool. We can have it looking like new before long. We welcome your questions and will gladly help you decide what options are best able to meet your needs. Don’t spend another day feeling like you want your pool to disappear.  Give us a call at (714) 628-9494 or fill out our short form for more information on resurfacing your pool.