How Our Pool Resurfacing Service Can Help You Enjoy Your Pool

Get Your Pool Time Back

If your pool is suffering from an uneven surface, stains, potential water leaks, difficulty balancing water chemistry, or maybe you’re just ready for an update, our pool resurfacing service can help you get more enjoyment from your pool. With the help of pool resurfacing service, you no longer have to deal with the uneven surface of your pool. Having an uneven surface is actually bad for your pool and bring a lot of harm to you as well. So how can you stop it from ruining your pool time?

  • Uneven Surface isn’t a Good Sign

    If you have uneven surfaces, then that means the surface might be damaged or simply worn down. A worn down surface could eventually lead to some serious problems. Those problems may put a hold on your pool time. Don’t fight against it and hope for the best. Schedule for a pool evaluation to find the best solution.

  • Surface Stains

    With an uneven surface, the debris can stay on those little dips. Over time, this can stain your surface. Not only does it look unappealing, but it causes some problems later on. Also if you didn’t know it was a stain, you’d spend time and additional money draining and cleaning your pool. Even worse, that dirt stain might be a bacteria, mold, or fungus – making it harder to keep your pool clean and safe for everyone. Don’t let a surface problem stop you from taking a swim.

  • Repair Your Leak

    The moment you notice your water level dropping, you should schedule a pool leak inspection. If you have a leak, one possible reason might be because of your pool’s surface. If so, pool resurfacing can save you long term money on your water bill. Cover up, fix, and take care of those cracks on your surface.

  • pH Balance

    pH balance is a tricky thing to deal with. If you’re having difficulty maintaining your pool’s pH levels, then this may mean that your pool surface is deteriorating into your water. Before you do anything, find a pool service who can evaluate your pool and find a great solution for you. Make it safe enough for you to swim again!

  • Bored with Your Pool

    If you’re thinking about a new look for your pool, then you can redesign it the way you want. Dream big! It’s your pool, so turn it into a backyard oasis. Don’t let your old look stop you from enjoying your pool time.

Get Your Pool Resurfacing Service with Alan Smith Pools

So, if you’re tired of losing you pool time, then you need help from Alan Smith Pools. We’ve specialized with pool resurfacing since 1981 in the Orange, CA area. Call us today at (714) 628-9494 or schedule online for a free pool evaluation. Let Alan Smith Pools help you get back your pool time today!

How Our Pool Resurfacing Service Can Help You Enjoy Your Pool | Alan Smith Pools, Orange CA