Winter is the Best Time for Pool Resurfacing in Long Beach

Get Ready for a California Summer

Don’t wait until summer for pool resurfacing in Long Beach. Take advantage of the cool winter weather and seasonal downtime to maximize your pool time this coming summer.Sure, So. Cal Beach time is nice, but the privacy of your own back yard pool is really where it’s at. It’s where you go to cool down, to relax, and the best place to throw a party. The thing is, you can’t do any of that without an up to date pool surface.

There are many reasons to resurface your Long Beach pool. Here’s our top three.

  1. Surface Stains

    Surface stains are killer, especially when you have guests over. You hear that “eww, what’s that! I’m not going in.” And then what? How embarrassing is that? Not only is it embarrassing, but it can also cause some issues later on. Usually surface stains come from collected dirt or algae that stain the surface. That causes a lot of trouble for cleaning. You have to drain the pool multiple times to try and clean off the stain. Depending on how many attempts you make, that can start to add up, putting a hole in your pocket. Plus, no one wants a pool that looks dirty to ruin your backyard look.

  2. Smooth Surface

    Smooth walls and floors are really important. Why? They’re the same as  pool stains. Dirt and algae can collect in those little dips in your pool. It can cause some trouble when trying to clean that area. If buildup continues, then that can end up staining your surface. We’ve already addressed that issue. But wait, there’s more! If your floor is rough, you might have some serious breakdown, which can cause future problems. A broken down surface can lead to possible cracks on your surface. So instead of just texture problems, it can turn into multiple problems for you. Get that fixed now!

  3. Leakage

    Leakage is the worst. Yeah, it takes away your pool time, but that’s not the worst thing. Not only does is suck for you but it sucks for your backyard and for your wallet. If a leak happens, the water can flood your backyard, ruining your landscape. There goes your pretty backyard. But that’s not even the worst part. Sometimes you don’t notice your pool has a leak. You see the waterline decreasing, but you continue to refill your pool. Eventually that starts to get costly. From damages to your landscape to billing costs, leakages just sound like a big headache. Avoid wasting time and money with pool resurfacing.

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Winter is the Best Time for Pool Resurfacing in Long Beach | Alan Smith Pools, CA