Get the So Cal Look with Pool Replastering in Anaheim Hills

Enhance Your Pool

Getting that Southern California look for your backyard is easy with pool replastering in Anaheim Hills. So Cal is unique with its mountains, desert, and beaches. Plus, with the area covered in palm trees and a beautiful California sky, what more do you need? Don’t let your old run down pool clash against the beautiful west coast scenery. Enhance your surroundings.

Quality Selection of Gemstone

The gemstone selection for pool replastering in Anaheim Hills offers many benefits for you pool. Unlike typical pool surfacing, gemstone not only gives a unique look but has many benefits. Really, you can say it’s killing two birds with one stone. The great thing is that it gives you a look that works for you. So, what’s so great about our pool replastering in Anaheim Hills?

Sandy Beach Look

It’s Southern California, which means adding that “Cali” look to your home. So, why not make your pool look like a beach? The gemstones and the clear water make it look like you’re swimming close to the shore. If you have a shallow end, the look makes it even better! But don’t worry, these stones don’t hurt your feet like stones on the shore. We provide three different textures varying from larger stones to Micro Fusion, depending on what you prefer.

Desert Enhancement

It’s no shock that Anaheim Hills is a desert paradise. With the homes designed to give that Spanish look to enhance the desert look, the brown stones can do the same. Just like Spanish roofs, the brown stone floor really does wonders to your backyard.

Heat Your Pool Quicker

Colors also make a difference when it comes to pool temperature. So, if you end up getting darker stones, it then helps heat the pool quicker. For those cool days and dropping temperatures at dusk, you can still enjoy warmer water thanks to gemstone. Now you can take a dip in your pool during cool sunset evenings, in case you want to enjoy watching the colorful sky from the water.

Longer Lasting and Durability

This probably has to be one of the most important when it comes to big benefits. There’s nothing more enjoyable than knowing you’re saving money in the long run. Unlike white plastering which tends to last an average of 5 to 15 years, gemstone lasts longer. Depending on which you choose and how water chemistry is maintained, you can get more than 15 years out of it. That means you don’t have to worry about continuing to fix your surface. From white quartz to pebble finishes, you can look at saving more money compared to white plasters.

Contact Alan Smith for Your Pool Replastering in Anaheim Hills

Keep your pool looking great while getting some extra benefits out of it. Save money in the long run while making your pool the talk of the neighborhood. Don’t let your pool plaster ruin your backyard look. Enhance it! Call us not at (714) 628-9494 or schedule online for a free design consultation. Get the So Cal look you want today!

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