Our 5 Most Common Swimming Pool Repair Services

Orange County Swimming Pool Repair Services

Swimming Pool Repair Basics Sometimes it is very obvious when you need swimming pool repair services, such as a pump that just won’t pump. Other times are less obvious, such as knowing when it’s time for pool replastering or pool renovation. Today we’re break down these common pool repairs to the basics, and help you know when and why you need them. Pool Equipment Repair Pool equipment repair includes all the electrics machinery, pumps and motors, that help keep your Read More

4 Reasons Why Fall Pool Remodeling Just Makes Sense

Swimming Pool Remodeling Orange CA

Avoid Summer Pool Remodeling Without a doubt, you probably think of your pool more often in the summer than any other time of the year. Maybe it’s the beautiful weather. Perhaps you love to barbecue. Or you simply throw fantastic summer parties or like to entertain guests. Whatever the reason, you spend more time in and around your pool during the summer months. It’s no wonder that summer is the most popular time for pool remodeling & renovations. Unfortunately, summer is quite Read More

Popular Pool Upgrades During Pool Surface Repair Work

Swimming Pool Surface Repair Upgrades

To say that we do a lot of pool surface repair at Alan Smith Pools is a bit of an understatement. Pool surface repair is our specialty. It is no coincidence that Alan Smith was already a foreman in the late 1970’s, leading pool plastering crews at the age of 19. In 1981 he opened his own pool surface repair company. By 1989 he was also a founding member of the National Plasterers Council. Pool Surface Repair Basics As your swimming Read More

Finding the Best Swimming Pool Contractors in Orange County

Best Swimming Pool Contractors Orange County California

Sorting through Swimming Pool Contractors Although there is a lot of conflicting data regarding which US region has the most swimming pools per capita, it’s pretty clear that southern California makes the top ten. Lots of swimming pools, however, also means lots of swimming pool contractors. And as you can imagine, lots of swimming pool contractors, means lots of swimming pool contractor competition. While this competition certainly helps homeowners save money, it also makes the process of choosing a swimming pool Read More

What a Full Service Pool Remodeling Company Can Do For You

full service pool remodeling company

Swimming Pool Remodeling is About Having Choices You love having a pool, but let’s face it, over time, things need to be done to keep your pool looking its best. It is important to know what options are available to you before you hire someone to do the work; that way, you increase your chances of of hiring the best pool remodeling company available. What Are My Choices? A full-service pool remodeling company will be able to offer you a wide Read More

6 Top Reasons for Swimming Pool Resurfacing

swimming pool resurfacing Alan Smith Pools

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Swimming pool resurfacing is an essential step in extending the life of your pool. So, why might your pool even need to be resurfaced? Well, one of the many reasons that a pool needs to be resurfaced is due to leaks. In fact, it tends to be the most common reason pool owners finally decide to have their pool resurfaced. Whatever the case may be of why you are considering swimming pool resurfacing, here are six benefits Read More

Four Big Benefits of a New Pool Deck Coating

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Your Pool Deck Coating You might not have thought much about your pool deck coating, but once you’ve had your pool for a few years, you may notice that the deck begins to look worn.  Things get spilled, the weather does its damage and simple aging can make the deck look tired and worn.  If there are cracks in the surface, you may want to consider a complete redoing of the area, but normally the structure itself is fine, it Read More

Renovate My Pool: Superb Pool Renovation Ideas

Renovate My Pool

Renovate My Pool Whether you are looking to do a simple replaster or completely change the look, shape and design of your pool or backyard, we have you covered here at Alan Smith Pools. With extensive experience in pool and deck restorations, we can turn your dreams into reality. For a pool renovation to work, you need to figure out what it is that you want. Check out our before and after gallery to get some ideas.  Not sure what these upgrades Read More

Wake Up the Backyard with Pool Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing When you first installed your pool, you were proud to show it off. You probably spent hours sitting beside it or swimming in the cool water. It’s been several years now, however, and you find yourself less impressed with your pool and spa. The surface has discolored and is starting to peel away in places. Your kids are scratching are even scratching their feet on the rough pool surface. You don’t feel as much pleasure swimming in it as Read More

Pool remodeling warranties: Critical Information You Need to Know

One of the things that never cease to amaze me is that people spending a few hundred dollars on a television set, washing machine or other consumer product will take the time to examine the warranty, on their prospective purchase, in detail and ask questions of the salesman until they are clear on what is and isn’t covered. They will ask what parts are covered, what aren’t, whether labor is covered, whether the warranty is prorated or not, what might Read More