Top 5 Reasons to Resurface Your Swimming Pool

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When it comes down to it, there’s more than a few reasons to resurface your swimming pool besides the fact that it’s “old”. In some cases, there are certain signs that indicate resurfacing becomes a necessity. So why should you need to resurface your swimming pool? We can give you 5 reasons why you should consider it.

  1. Surface Stains

    Generally speaking, discoloration to the pool basin is due to the amount of usage. From falling leaves and dirt debris to cleaning chemicals, they can all leave unwanted stains on your pool surface. Plus, natural debris can often cause algae to grow. Algae can leave some heavy and unwanted stains. If you’ve tried to clean your surface, you know it’s difficult to get the stains off. Especially if you’ve drained it, had it professionally washed, and it’s still stained, then you’ll want to consider resurfacing. That would be the best way to get rid of those “dirty marks”.

  2. Salt

    If you have a salt water pool, you may want to resurface sooner than expected. Think of it this way, if you throw salt on the sidewalk, it starts to leave damage. Salt tends to wear off the certain types of underwater surfaces, which is a problem for your floor.  The more the current flows, the more the salt will start to wear off your surface. The continuous wear on your surface starts to add up and can lead to possible leakage. As a result, your pool will need resurfacing.

  3. Rough and Uneven Texture

    There’s a lot of reasons that can lead up to rough and even texture besides age. PH levels, unexpected damage, and heavy usage can really put a wear and tear to your texture. The problem with an uneven pool is that those little dips can cause debris build up. Unlike a smooth bottoms, an uneven bottom allows debris to build up and can cause stain or damage to your floor. What causes the roughness of your surface is a slow breakdown of your surface layers. The breakdown can cause future damage and add up in repair costs.

  4. Leak Repair

    As mentioned before, surface breakdown can lead up to a crack or leak in the surface. In order to prevent leaks, you will have to resurface your swimming pool. A leakage will not only be an issue for consistently refilling your pool, but it will also cause landscaping issues as well. Not to mention the water bill will escalate from constantly refilling the water level.

  5. It’s Past Due

    If you haven’t had a resurface done within three to seven years, more than likely you need to. It may be past due for you to resurface your swimming pool. It’s always a good idea to maintain your pool to keep problems from escalating. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You won’t want to deal with problems later on.

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