5 Signs You Need Swimming Pool Repair

Save Time & Money, Catch These Issues Early

Maybe it hasn’t come to the point of an emergency swimming pool repair, but you can still save yourself time and money by catching small issues before they become big ones. As a pool owner, it may seem silly to inspect your own pool. In some cases, however, these signs are hints your pool is giving you to help fix it up. Learning these five signs will go far to keep your pool in good shape.
  1. Cracks or Broken Tile

    If you start to notice small cracks on your tile, it might be a sign that you need to replace some or all of it. Tile cracks not only look bad but can cause future problems later on. In some cases, broken or cracked tiles can indicate old age. In other instances, however, it means that there could be damage to the substructure. No matter the cause, it’s important to fix the problem immediately. The sooner you fix your tiles, the faster you can prevent future issues from happening.

  2. Cracks on Your Steps

    Nothing looks scarier than seeing cracks on your pool or spa steps. A nasty web of cracks can come to haunt you. Cracks can indicate either age or possible problems. Cracks can grow, which then cause bigger and scarier issues. Not only can they spread, but if the problem isn’t fixed quickly, the steps could be less supportive. Fix the problem before the cracks spread.

  3. Loose or Broken Plaster

    If you see your plaster is breaking, you’ll need to patch up the areas. Usually, aggressive water or old age can cause the plaster to loosen or even break. But you shouldn’t wait to fix the problem. Don’t let one small area grow into something huge. Take care of the problem immediately before it causes bigger issues like leaks.

  4. Broken Coping Pieces

    The outside of your pool is just as important as the inside. Sometimes the California weather can cause your coping pieces to either chip or break. Take care of your exterior and replace the broken coping pieces before you or someone else gets hurt. The loose or broken coping pieces could cause issues when using them to support you. Don’t wait until someone gets hurt to fix them.

  5. Separating Mastic

    If you notice that your pool mastic is separating, you need to fix it immediately. The pool mastic is important to make sure your pool water doesn’t flood your deck. Don’t walk outside to a flooded deck. Take care of your mastic before hand.

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