3 Reasons to Renovate a Swimming Pool in Spring

Save Time and Avoid Frustration

Winter can be a great time to renovate a swimming pool, but the holidays can make it tricky for some people. The second best option is Spring. Here’s why.

Imagine yourself here in sunny southern California. It’s March and the weather is just right. The days are warming up, but the nights are still cool. A dip in the pool is a brisk and refreshing way to chill out and relax. Also, with your pool heater installed, a 60-degree evening can make the water even more magical. But maybe you’re pool is starting to show its age. The sides are rougher than they used to be. The dirt seems to accumulate quicker on the bottom. And, let’s face it, you’d love to add some water features, lights, fire bowls, and perhaps even upgrade to the beautiful ‘vanishing edge’ you saw in someone else’s pool.

If this sounds familiar, take it from us. Don’t wait until summer to renovate your swimming pool. Here are three great reasons to do it now in the spring:

  1. Don’t Lose Pool Time

    Don’t renovate in summer when you need your pool most. Summertime is usually when you use your pool the most. From pool parties to inviting friends over for a swim, your pool is your home entertainment. This summer, don’t postpone your pool party. Don’t deal with the hassle when you should be having fun. California summers aren’t really summers without your pool. Losing your precious pool time is frustrating, especially if it affects your summer plans. Instead, stay ahead of the game and renovate your pool ahead of time. You’ll be happy to have the pool of your dreams before summer comes.

  2. It’s Quicker

    With over 30,000 pools in our portfolio, you could say we know a thing or two about how to renovate a pool. We’ve also been active members of the Orange County community for over 30 years. So take it from us. Renovating a pool in spring is quicker than summer. Not only do pool crews tend to work faster in cooler weather, but pool plaster is able to set better. That also means more time to enjoy spring days in your pool. Plus, it also gives you more time to appreciate your new features.

  3. Availability

    Most people wait until the last minute to renovate a swimming pool. If wait like everyone else, it can cause some serious frustration. If you start now, you’ll find it much easier to schedule your renovation in the spring. There’s no need to stress about whether or not your pool service is available. Stay ahead of the game with your pool renovation.

Renovate a Swimming this Spring Pool with Alan Smith Pools

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