Our 5 Most Common Swimming Pool Repair Services

Swimming Pool Repair Basics

Sometimes it is very obvious when you need swimming pool repair services, such as a pump that just won’t pump. Other times are less obvious, such as knowing when it’s time for pool replastering or pool renovation. Today we’re break down these common pool repairs to the basics, and help you know when and why you need them.

Pool Equipment Repair

Pool equipment repair includes all the electrics machinery, pumps and motors, that help keep your pool safe and clean in the time between professional cleanings. Keep an ear open for any screeching or grinding noises. Look for leaks and rust. Call your local pool tech if you find anything out of the ordinary, as an early repair is a much cheaper fix than an entire replacement.

Pool Plumbing Repair

Pool plumbing repair, rule #1: never call a plumber to fix a pool. Just as you would never call a pool repair company to fix a broken sink or unclog a toilet, never call a plumber to fix a pool. Although they both operate on similar systems, they could not be more different in terms of service. So make sure you have the right person for the job.

Actually knowing when to call someone, however, can be another difficult job altogether. Most pool plumbing repairs begin with a question over a high water bill. If your water bill seems higher than normal, then try determining where the extra water went. But if you’re not watering the lawn, or letting your teenagers take extra long showers, then chances are you might have a pool leak. Time to call in the pros.

Pool Replastering

Pool replastering is how we fix the faded, stained, rough, or peeling surfaces of your spa or pool. Are your feet a little sore or sensitive from walking on all the rough patches underwater? Do you find the color embarassing? Does it feel like you’re walking on sand or pebbles in the pool? All of these a great reasons to call for a free pool evaluation and find out what can be done.

Pavers, Hardscapes, and Coping

Pavers, hardscapes, and coping, all have a role to play in repairing a worn out or broken pool decking. Unlike the hard concrete surfaces of most old pools–surfaces which easily crack, break, and overheat in the hot sunlight–our selection of new decking, pavers, hardscapes and coping are smooth, strong, and beautiful. Best of all they are cooler than concrete, and can match almost any design you’re looking for.

Water Feature Repair

Water feature repair is the last in our top five list of most common pool repairs. These features include water jet streams, flows, fountains, bubblers, scuppers, sconces, and even pool spa repair. These, too, tend to be more obvious when in need of repair. Reduced flow or total failure are key signs for calling in the pros.

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