Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Pool Plaster Repair

Keep Your Swimming Pool in Ideal Condition

Eventually, time catches up to your pool, and you will eventually need pool plaster repair to keep it both enjoyable and cost efficient. As the years pass, your pool isn’t as young and sturdy as it used to be. Sometimes, it’s just time to give your pool the makeover it needs. Why should you give your pool a new makeover? There are a lot of benefits to giving your pool a plaster makeover. But before you begin, don’t DIY the project yourself. Instead, get help from the professionals to fix up your pool.

  1. Help from Professionals

    Although DIYs can be fun and instructional, don’t DIY with this project. We suggest leaving this job to the professionals. With the work from a pool company, they can give you guaranteed results. Not only will they do the job done right the first time, but they save you time and money. Don’t spend your free time working out in the California sun. Let a professional pool company save you the time and trouble.

  2. Insurance

    A pool plaster repair company is insured. This coverage protects you if someone gets injured during the process. Considering that power tools, high-voltage electricity and massive amounts of water are involved, this is certainly possible. You won’t have to worry about paying anyone’s medical bills when you hire a reputable firm.

  3. Guarantee

    Repair contractors typically ensure their work. You may receive a warranty that lasts for up to a decade, especially if you choose our company. On the other hand, there’s no way to recover your time and money when a DIY project falls apart. The same goes for any damage to the pool.

  4. Save Time

    Professional pool plastering will save you a considerable amount of time. It is a time-consuming task, especially when you take preparatory work into account. If you hire a contractor, you won’t need to spend time buying or renting tools like concrete mixers and air compressors. You can also avoid wasting vacation or sick time at work.

  5. Save Energy

    A plastering expert will allow you to save physical energy for other purposes. It is a physically tiring project that involves moving heavy tools around, transporting supplies to your home and performing several complex repair tasks. It won’t leave you with much energy for your job or that boating trip you wanted to take on the weekend.

  6. Better Quality

    Unless you worked for a pool plaster repair company in the past, a professional would probably perform higher quality work. Experienced contractors have replastered many different swimming pools, so they know the best techniques and materials to use, resulting in a better-looking pool that’s less likely to deteriorate.

  7. Less Construction Time

    It won’t take as long for a contractor to complete this project. Plaster repair experts have the right tools and training to finish the job quickly. It only takes them a little more than five hours on average. This means that you can start enjoying the water as soon as possible.

  8. Less Clean Up

    If you hire a professional, you won’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning up and dealing with the aftermath of replastering. A do-it-yourself project entails removing plaster remnants from your pool area and yard. You may also need to resell equipment or return it to a tool rental service.

  9. Inspection Included

    Most replastering companies inspect pool equipment and components when they visit a home. This can help you identify any repairs that need to be performed in the near future. It will give you peace of mind and ensure that your swimming pool continues to function reliably throughout the summer.

  10. Less Risk

    It’s easy to commit serious errors when you use pool plaster. If you don’t mix and apply it quickly enough, your project won’t be successful. You must also prepare the surface correctly. A plaster repair professional is less likely to make expensive and time-consuming mistakes during this process.

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Summer isn’t too far away. Don’t spend your summer without a pool. Also, don’t spend your time trying to fix it, either. Make sure your pool is ready in time for summer. Revitalize your pool and keep it lasting longer with the help from Alan Smith Pools. Call us today at (714) 628-9494 for a free estimate. Or contact us online for questions about our plaster repair services. Trust Alan Smith with your pool needs.



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