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4 Differences Between Repainting vs Resurfacing

repainting vs resurfacing

When it comes to keeping your swimming pool in great shape, the dilemma of repainting vs. resurfacing comes to mind. Many ask the question, “Should I repaint or replaster my pool?” Both swimming pool renovation methods have advantages and disadvantages, but by far, the best choice in terms of maintaining and adding value to your pool is pool resurfacing. Let’s look at the facts: Repainting vs Resurfacing Your Pool 1 – Toughness When it comes to durability, both plaster and Read More

3 Reasons to Use 1 Company for Swimming Pool Renovation

swimming pool renovation

If you’re looking for a full swimming pool renovation service, you know just how much time and energy it takes to find the right contractor for the job. If you want to make it easier, though, there’s a way to do so! For those looking for a full renovation done efficiently and well, it is best to find a company that’s a one-stop-shop. It can be complicated, frustrating, and expensive to try to find different contractors to do different jobs on Read More