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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Pool Plaster Repair

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Keep Your Swimming Pool in Ideal Condition Eventually, time catches up to your pool, and you will eventually need pool plaster repair to keep it both enjoyable and cost efficient. As the years pass, your pool isn’t as young and sturdy as it used to be. Sometimes, it’s just time to give your pool the makeover it needs. Why should you give your pool a new makeover? There are a lot of benefits to giving your pool a plaster makeover. But before you begin, Read More

Top 10 Signs You Have To Refinish Your Pool

  Is your pool screaming to get help from a pool resurfacing service? Well first off, do you know the signs your pool is giving you? Sometimes, the signs can be a bit obvious. But other times, you have to be certain in what you’re looking for. Your pool is very helpful at showing signs when it needs help and attention. Before you call for help, learn the ten signs that you need help from a pool resurfacing service.   Read More