Huntington Beach Pool Resurfacing and Remodeling

Discover the essence of Southern California in Huntington Beach, where the motto “Soul of SoCal” resonates. Elevate your outdoor haven with pool replastering services in Huntington Beach, effortlessly capturing the distinctive charm of Southern California.

Immerse yourself in the SoCal Aesthetic Southern California boasts a unique blend of mountains, desert landscapes, and breathtaking beaches, all under the embrace of palm trees and the iconic California sky. Your backyard deserves to harmonize with this picturesque setting. Say goodbye to an outdated pool that clashes with the beauty of the West Coast – enhance your surroundings and embrace the soul of SoCal.

More than just White Plaster!

Select from a Dazzling Array of Pebble Finish Options for gemstone pool replastering in Huntington Beach goes beyond aesthetics; it introduces a myriad of benefits for your pool. Unlike conventional pool surfaces, pebble not only provides a distinctive appearance but also offers practical advantages. It’s a double win – a look that suits your style and functional benefits that cater to your pool’s needs.

Embrace the sandy beach aesthetic In the spirit of Southern California living, transform your pool into a beach paradise. The combination of gemstones and crystal-clear water creates the illusion of swimming near the shore. Rest assured, these stones are gentle on your feet, unlike the ones you’d find on the shore! Choose from three different textures, ranging from larger stones to Micro Fusion Pebble, all tailored to your preferences.

Alan Smith Pools does it all- Full backyard remodels

Amplify the Paradise Vibe Given that Huntington Beach is a oasis, complement the architecture of your home with modern paver stones, new coping, updated tile and new equipment!!

Efficient Pool Heating with Aesthetic Colors The color of your pool surface can influence its temperature. Opt for darker stones to expedite pool heating, ensuring you can enjoy warmer water even on cool days and evenings. Picture yourself taking a dip during a serene sunset, basking in the vibrant hues of the sky from the comfort of your heated pool, we can install all equipment with our in-house plumbing and electrical team!

Longevity and Cost-Efficiency One of the most significant advantages lies in the longevity and durability of pebble pool replastering. Unlike white plastering with an average lifespan of 5 to 15 years, gemstone surfaces endure for more extended periods. Depending on your choice and water chemistry maintenance, you can exceed the 15+-year mark, offering substantial savings compared to traditional white plasters.  Want to learn more about pebble pool finishes?  To learn more about pebble finishing, read our Blog Post on Pebble Pool Finishes!

Our stellar reviews on platforms like Angie’s List, Guild Quality and our top Home Advisor rating attest to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction!

Choose Alan Smith for your Huntington Beach Replastering and ensure your pool remains a standout feature while reaping additional benefits. Save money in the long run and make your pool the neighborhood’s focal point. Don’t let outdated pool plaster detract from your backyard’s allure – enhance it!

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