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Pool Plastering with the Pros: Spot Etching #3 – Theories

pool plastering pros spot etching 3 theories

  How Does Spot Etching Develop in Pool Plastering? If you’ve followed this pool plastering series from the beginning, we hope you have a pretty clear picture of what spot etching is and how it happens in pool plastering. In this segment we are going to take a closer look at the underlying problems that lead to this ‘spot etching’ in most cases. When we first started noticing this recurring pool plastering problem several decades ago, we partnered with other Read More

Pool Plastering with the Pros: Spot Etching #2 – What’s Happening?

Spot Etching 2 What Are We Seeing Happening

  What Are We Seeing Happen? Now that you know what plaster is, we can start to understand etching a little bit better. Remember, when we talk about etching, we are specifically referring to the white splotches that often occur in pool plaster. Let’s take a minute now to understand what you are actually seeing. Calcium Hydroxide Calcium Hydroxide was a big player in the last segment, and it’s an even bigger one here. In case it isn’t completely obvious, calcium Read More