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The Pool Start-Up Process

Pool startup, pool replastering, pool resurfacing

  You’ve just had your pool resurfaced and you’re dying to jump in. The unusually hot spring weather makes swimming even more appetizing by the minute. But as you throw on your swimsuit and get ready to dive in, your pool tech stops you. “Sorry,” they say. “We know that water looks fun, but we need to finish the startup process.” We get it. Getting your pool resurfaced is really fun, especially if it means more time lazing in the Read More

Why Choose Hydroblasting?


You’re thinking of having your pool’s surface redone when someone mentions hydroblasting. You scratch your head at the term. While you never really researched the best way to resurface your pool, you always assumed it would use some sort of jackhammer. You see it clearly in your head: people jackhammering away at your pool. It seems to work for roads, so why not your pool? While jackhammering your pool’s surface might have been an option in the past, there are some Read More