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There Is A Reason Why We Are The Best. Over 35,000 Families Have Trusted Alan Smith Pool Plastering For Swimming Pool Remodels and Complete Outdoor Renovations…Since 1981

We Always Insist On Doing Every Job Exactly Right.

  • No shoddy workmanship. Most of our craftsmen have worked with us for over 10 years.
  • No fly by night operations. We have been in business since 1981 and have completed over 35,000 jobs
  • Not too big to care. Even though we have over 100 employees, we are still family owned and operated.
  • No unlicensed work. We carry active C-53 (Swimming Pool Contractor), C-27 (Landscaping Contractor) and D-51 (Water- and Weatherproofing), state contractors licenses.
  • No uninsured workers at your home. We have general liability and workers comp.
  • No unsupervised labor. Every crew has a foreman.
  • No job too complicated. We have staff experts in plaster, tile, masonry, plumbing, electrical, hardscape, structural work, landscaping and general construction.
  • No cheap sub-standard cements, aggregates or pigments used in our pool finishes.
  • No sub-contracted or inexperienced plastering crews.(We only have an “A” team)
  • No mismanaged jobs. Every job has a dedicated project manager.
  • No inflated pricing, all estimates come from a company price list.
  • No high pressure sales tactics. Our design consultants are ready to listen to your needs and design the yard of your dreams.
  • No guessing on what your pool will look like. Our showroom has 100s of products to see and touch. Visualize your pool & yard with a 3D design.

You will look at your pool and spa at least twice a day for the next 10-20 years.
Give yourself something worth looking at.

Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling | Form Update
Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling | Form Update

Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling|Form Update

Yes you have dozens-maybe even hundreds- of options for resurfacing, remodeling or building your pool. And the question we get all the time is “why should we go with Alan Smith Pool Plastering?” To be up front with you, we’re not the cheapest contractor. We’re also not the fastest. If you are looking for fast and cheap, head down to the Home Depot or Lowe’s or call around to some of our competitors. That being said, our work is not exclusively for the rich and famous either.

In fact, our typical customer has a 15,000 gallon pool, makes between $75,000-$100,000 in household income, and spends between $5,000-$15,000 with us on their swimming pool and spa renovation.(yes several choose to upgrade and remodel their entire backyard with pavers, patio covers, masonry and outdoor lighting) In other words, we cater to people who can afford to do the job right the first time. People who want the job to outlast their lifetime, and we don’t want to save a few dollars by using cheap materials and labor instead of quality products and experienced craftsmen.  How long do you want your swimming pool renovations to last?

Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling|Form Update
hydroblasting swimming pool plaster repair

We’re proud to offer our customers high-quality hydroblasting services. Hydroblasting is a safer, more efficient way to prep your pool surface for replastering. Old ways included jackhammer and sandblasting, both of which are abrasive and hard on your pool. While all three methods remove your pool’s old plaster, Alan Smith Pools highly recommends hydroblasting to all our clients. Jackhammers and sandblasting can accidentally remove layers of gunite, weakening your pool’s surface. Jackhammers can also end up exposing rebar and damage gunite.

Our pool resurface warranty is 10 YEARS! Once we resurface your pool, it is NOT coming off. We use advanced pool prepping technology that creates a high strength bond. Most of our jobs are from past customers or referrals from friends and family-they like us enough to come back. We do an outstanding job – and we have since 1981. Choose us for your next pool renovation and you will never regret it.

Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling|Form Update