Month: August 2016

Pool Plastering with the Pros: Spot Etching #1 – What is Pool Plaster?

[youtube embed=”EJRqnpl6feQ” autoplay=”0|1″ mute=”0|1″]   What is Pool Plaster? Understanding spot etching first requires a closer inspection of pool plaster itself. What is pool plaster made of? In this installment, we will explain the fundamentals of plaster and how they interact with water, which is obviously important for anything that is going to line a […]

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Pool Plastering with the Pros: Spot Etching – An Overview

[youtube embed=”aT870XVux_s” autoplay=”0|1″ mute=”0|1″] Pool Plastering Basics: The Problem with Spot Etching After many decades in the industry, we have found that the most common and unavoidable problem with pool plaster is spot etching. You may not be familiar with the term, but spot etching is something that threatens the value of your home and […]

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