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5 Signs You Need Swimming Pool Repair

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Save Time & Money, Catch These Issues Early Maybe it hasn’t come to the point of an emergency swimming pool repair, but you can still save yourself time and money by catching small issues before they become big ones. As a pool owner, it may seem silly to inspect your own pool. In some cases, however, these signs are hints your pool is giving you to help fix it up. Learning these five signs will go far to keep your pool in Read More

3 Reasons to Renovate a Swimming Pool in Spring

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Save Time and Avoid Frustration Winter can be a great time to renovate a swimming pool, but the holidays can make it tricky for some people. The second best option is Spring. Here’s why. Imagine yourself here in sunny southern California. It’s March and the weather is just right. The days are warming up, but the nights are still cool. A dip in the pool is a brisk and refreshing way to chill out and relax. Also, with your pool Read More

Prepare for Summer with a Pool Surface Repair

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Get Ready for a Hot Cali Summer Summer isn’t too far away, which is why you should look into getting a pool surface repair for your pool. If your pool is a little old, chances are, your surface isn’t what it used to be. Over time, the surface can wear down, causing some serious problems. These problems can cost you some serious pool time. And in California heat, the last thing you want is an unusable pool. Don’t let that Read More

How Our Pool Resurfacing Service Can Help You Enjoy Your Pool

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Get Your Pool Time Back If your pool is suffering from an uneven surface, stains, potential water leaks, difficulty balancing water chemistry, or maybe you’re just ready for an update, our pool resurfacing service can help you get more enjoyment from your pool. With the help of pool resurfacing service, you no longer have to deal with the uneven surface of your pool. Having an uneven surface is actually bad for your pool and bring a lot of harm to you Read More

Winter is the Best Time for Pool Resurfacing in Long Beach

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Get Ready for a California Summer Don’t wait until summer for pool resurfacing in Long Beach. Take advantage of the cool winter weather and seasonal downtime to maximize your pool time this coming summer.Sure, So. Cal Beach time is nice, but the privacy of your own back yard pool is really where it’s at. It’s where you go to cool down, to relax, and the best place to throw a party. The thing is, you can’t do any of that without Read More

Get the So Cal Look with Pool Replastering in Anaheim Hills

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Enhance Your Pool Getting that Southern California look for your backyard is easy with pool replastering in Anaheim Hills. So Cal is unique with its mountains, desert, and beaches. Plus, with the area covered in palm trees and a beautiful California sky, what more do you need? Don’t let your old run down pool clash against the beautiful west coast scenery. Enhance your surroundings. Quality Selection of Gemstone The gemstone selection for pool replastering in Anaheim Hills offers many benefits for you pool. Unlike typical pool Read More

Hydroblasting For Your Swimming Pool

Choose the Best For Your Swimming Pool When deciding between hydroblasting and traditional pool stripping to help start with your swimming pool, hydroblasting gives the best results. “Hydroblasting is one of the best construction technologies to become available to the pool industry in several decades.” – Tindall Engineering, Inc. Many homeowners don’t consider the damage traditional replastering causes to the pool shell.  When performing swimming pool replastering on a pool or spa, the surface prep is key to get the new plaster to properly Read More

Perfect Swimming Pool Remodeling Options for Winter

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Remodel This Winter for a Stunning Look Next Summer Winter is the best time to start your swimming pool remodeling. Because winter is the “off season” for pool use, it is also the best time for remodeling. If you get a head start, you’ll have a new and beautiful pool before spring. That’s just enough time to start planning parties. So, what kind of swimming pool remodeling should you do? Alan Smith Pools wants to not only remodel to make your Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Resurface Your Swimming Pool

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Get the Surface You Deserve When it comes down to it, there’s more than a few reasons to resurface your swimming pool besides the fact that it’s “old”. In some cases, there are certain signs that indicate resurfacing becomes a necessity. So why should you need to resurface your swimming pool? We can give you 5 reasons why you should consider it. Surface Stains Generally speaking, discoloration to the pool basin is due to the amount of usage. From falling leaves Read More

Take a Walk Through Our Pool Renovations Showroom

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Find a Look that Catches Your Eye If you’re thinking about pool renovations for your southern California home, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1981, Alan Smith Pools has specialized in pool resurfacing, replastering, and construction. So, what makes us different than the rest? Well, we like to do things slightly different than other places when it comes to pool renovations. We like to give you options. It’s important to physically see what we have to offer. With our Read More

Pool Plastering with the Pros: Spot Etching #4 – Answers

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  Pool Plasterers & Scientists Collaborate for Spot Etching Answers In the last segment we laid out the major theories that we were able to test with our group of pool plasterers and scientists. And so, at last, we come to the crux of it all. Why spend all of this time learning if pool plasterers don’t put the knowledge to use? Our in-depth research approached the spot etching problem scientifically, and we received excellent results. Attacking the Theories: Our Results Read More

Pool Plastering with the Pros: Spot Etching #3 – Theories

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  How Does Spot Etching Develop in Pool Plastering? If you’ve followed this pool plastering series from the beginning, we hope you have a pretty clear picture of what spot etching is and how it happens in pool plastering. In this segment we are going to take a closer look at the underlying problems that lead to this ‘spot etching’ in most cases. When we first started noticing this recurring pool plastering problem several decades ago, we partnered with other Read More

Pool Plastering with the Pros: Spot Etching #2 – What’s Happening?

Spot Etching 2 What Are We Seeing Happening

  What Are We Seeing Happen? Now that you know what plaster is, we can start to understand etching a little bit better. Remember, when we talk about etching, we are specifically referring to the white splotches that often occur in pool plaster. Let’s take a minute now to understand what you are actually seeing. Calcium Hydroxide Calcium Hydroxide was a big player in the last segment, and it’s an even bigger one here. In case it isn’t completely obvious, calcium Read More

Pool Plastering with the Pros: Spot Etching #1 – What is Pool Plaster?

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  What is Pool Plaster? Understanding spot etching first requires a closer inspection of pool plaster itself. What is pool plaster made of? In this installment, we will explain the fundamentals of plaster and how they interact with water, which is obviously important for anything that is going to line a pool. Making pool plaster, or any cement, requires combining five base parts. Each plays its own function in the overall process, and each comes with positive and negative contributions Read More

Pool Plastering with the Pros: Spot Etching – An Overview

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Pool Plastering Basics: The Problem with Spot Etching After many decades in the industry, we have found that the most common and unavoidable problem with pool plaster is spot etching. You may not be familiar with the term, but spot etching is something that threatens the value of your home and the longevity of your pool. In this overview, we’ll explain the basics of spot etching and why you should care about it. What Is Spot Etching Have you ever Read More